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PPC Protection

With the advent of machine-learning algorithms utilized to handle Google and Microsoft Ad search advertising accounts, it is more important than ever to make sure you protect your Pay-Per-Click (PPC) accounts from errant clicks.

To that end, we have created a series of protective lists – known as “negative keywords” in the PPC advertising industry – that provide protections against your ads being shown to users that are not good prospects for your business, based on the specific key phrases that are the  subject of your campaigns.

Save money on PPC advertising

General Keywords

Maybe you want to block people looking to do-it-themselves, or people trying to get an education about the subject of your business.

There are countless words that trigger your ads that do not benefit you at all. 

People tend to click-first and ask questions later… costing you money.

It’s best to block people from ever seeing your ads if they aren’t searching for what you are offering.

Industry Specific Keywords

Every industry has some crossover words from general language that have unintended meaning when used within a specific industry.

To protect your account budget it is a best-practice to target the words that cause unintended clicks due to meanings that are not accurate for your industry.

Search the industry categories within the shop to see if your industry has been covered. If not, please feel free to request that a list be made.

Name Keywords

If you run a business that has lots of competitors using their name, such as an insurance agency, a real estate company, or a personal service business such as a therapist, and don’t want to pay for competitor clicks, you can purchase our “names” lists.

These lists contain common first names, for male and female, and we now offer a sur name list.

Male names

Female names

Google Is Persistent

Google A.I. can get very persistent in showing your ads for phrases you don’t want!

Stop Burning Money

If your account doesn’t use negative keywords, you are throwing away money!

Improve Results Fast

If you want results you’ve never had before, you need to do something you’ve never done before.

Fix the Issue Permanently

Don’t just throw more money at the problem of poor CTR or conversions.

Download Now

Once a phrase is designated a negative key phrase you never pay for it again; and it no longer takes away from your quality score because the search platform stops showing ads for something you don’t offer – its’s a double win for your business and your ad budget.

Your list is available for download as soon as you purchase it. Try a few now, and bookmark for when your next campaign goes online.


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Denver, Colorado, USA


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